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KCL Piston Pump

Our special model PVS-08 is designed for spray equipments, fluid handling systems & line striping systems.

Variable Volumn, High Efficiency.

Pressure Compensating
Pressure Compensating Type

The standard type. When the pressure reaches the value set with the compensator, the flow is reduced automatically and the set pressure is maintained.

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Remote Pressure Control
Remote Pressure Control Type

The pressure can be controlled according to the pilot pressure.
The flow can be controlled manually.

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2 Pressure-2 Flow
2 Pressure-2 Flow Control Type

By means of the sequence valve, two stage flow rate can be obtained and each flow rate has the different pressure eventually enabling energy savings.

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Solenoid Cut-Off Control
Solenoid Cut-Off Control Type

An unloading solenoid valve is used to minimize the lost energy when the pump output is not required.
Heat generated is very small.

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2 Pressure Cut-off Control
2 Pressure Cut-off Control Type

By means of "ON" "OFF" control of solenoid valves, two different pressure cmpensating types can be obtained.


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Load Sensing Control
Load Sensing Control Type

The "HL" compensator is used for load sensing circuits and is a true load sensor. This is the "B" compensator with a pin in the compensator spool.

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Double Pumps
Double Pumps

PP16/22/36/46+P08/16/22-TYPE PP70+P08/16/22/36/46-TYPE PP100+P08/16/22/36/46-TYPE

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For Spray Equipments

The particular design of PVS-08 allows to prevent excess fluid temperature in oil tank and to ensure long service life. The high stain-resistant PVS-08 is totally compatible with PVS-08 Piston Pump of NACHI-FUJIKOSHI, also applicable to spray equipments and line striping systems of Graco Inc. & Wagner Spraytech.

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