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KT6 / 7 Industrial & Mobile Application

Advanced cartridge provides for drop-in assemblies which permit easy conversion or renewal of serviceable elements in mimutes at minimum expense and risk of contamination.

KT SERIES (Denison type) Produt Features

High pressure capability

Pressure ratings to 275 bar in the small envelope, reduces size and cost of actuators, valves and lines, give extended life at reduced pressures.

Excellent efficiency

Better efficiency under load, the low noise incereases operator safty and acceptance, reduces heating and operating costs.

Flexible mounting

Up to 32 positions for double pumps and up to 128 for triple pumps, which reduce mounting costs and improves performance.

KT6 / 7 Series Industrial Vane Pump

KT6 Series

KT6 & KT7 units may be operated intermittently at pressure higher than the recommended continuous rating when the time weighted average of pressure is less than or equal to the continuous duty pressure rating.
The wide speed range from 600 RPM to 2800 RPM, combined with large size cartridge displacements, will optimize operation for the lowest noise level in the smallest envelop.
The large variety of options (cam displacement, shaft, porting) allows customized installation.




KT6GC / KT7B, etc. Single Pump KT6CC / KT6GCC Double Pump
KT6CCZ Double Pump KT6DCC / KT6EDC Triple Pump


Mobile Vane Pump - KT6*M Series

KT6 Series

The low speed 600 RPM, low pressure, high viscosity 860cSt allow application in cold environments with minimum energy consumption and without seizure risk.
The high resistance to particle contamination because of the double lip vane increases pump life.
The low ripple pressure ±2 bar reduces piping noise and increases life time of other components in the circuit.



KT6CR / KT6DRS / KT6*R Drive Train Pump

KT6 Series